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[mod] rules reminder

Hello, everyone!

Thank you so much for posting and bringing this community back to life! I'm really glad that people have more motivation to share Yasuken things again (^^)

However, I would like to remind you of a couple of things stated in the rules:

- Source your stuff! Unless specifically requested by the original source/uploader, say where you got your files/information from. Additionally, please don't repost things that specifically say 'no reposting'.

- File-sharing is illegal! Please don't post illegal materials publicly (read as: lock posts to members-only, guys).

This community doesn't exactly have very many rules, and they shouldn't require a degree in nuclear physics to follow. Please state in your posts where you got the files from, and please always remember to lock any kind of downloads post to 'members'-level security! Since it's so wonderful to have more posts on the comm I don't want to have to delete any that don't follow the rules... so please cooperate! (^^)

Thank you very much :D I hope you're all enjoying watching Yasuken on Gamushara! these days :3 ♥
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